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Welcome to Payday-Loan-FREE Advocates!
I hope to be able to provide helpful information to those who have been caught up in the vicious cycle of store front & Internet Payday lenders.
It all started for me when I became a single female with little or no resources, fortunately, I found a website called 

Payday Loan Laws By State – Updated

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I have updated the payday loan laws by state at the link below:
To the far right are numerous links for your convenience!

Payday Lenders and DBA’s

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Most legal and illegal payday lenders have a dba (doing business as) so, you can’t always rely on their business name when searching for a license in your state licensee data base. Sometimes the BBB will provide dba names, or do a search on the Internet. Another place to check is their website or your loan contract. I am in the process of composing a ‘dba‘ list, so keep checking back!

Away But Here!

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I am currently unable to add more information to my blog due to the fact I don’t have access to my computer. I will be adding little tidbits here and there though!

Free Advice At Debt CC

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There are so many people facing debt issues these days with little or no hope where to turn for help. I want to share an online community with you which will provide you with free debt advice on debt consolidation, debt settlement, bill consolidation, debt consolidation loans, dealing with payday loans and collection agencies. You can even take advantage of a free debt counseling session. Debt Consolidation Care, also known as “The Internets first get-out-of-debt community” is comprised of people like you and me, who are experiencing the crunch of the recession and seeking ways to overcome and survive this recession. You can discuss your financial problems with community members who offer suggestions on how to manage and pay off debt.

DCC is a wealth of information geared toward people who are having financial difficulties. One of our goals are to educate the general public on their rights as consumers. It’s free to join and you can remain anonymous and become a part of
167,000 + growing community who are dedicated to helping people get out of debt.  If you or a loved one is experiencing debt issues I urge you to visit this site.

Payday Loan Address’

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I am currently working on a page which will have Store Front & Internet Payday Loan addresses. If anyone would like to share current telephone numbers and addresses for payday lenders please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. Thanks!

Recording Phone Calls, Is It Legal?

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Did you know there are some states that allow you to record phone calls without the permission of the caller? That’s called a one party state. I am going to publish what states are one party states (only needs permission from one party to record the conversation legally). I will also list the two party states, this means the law requires both parties permission to record the call!  Recording the conversation between yourself and someone who is calling to collect a debt can be very useful!

States Requiring One Party Notification

District Of Columbia

New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

States Requiring Two Party Notification

New Hampshire

Check out the link below for more specifics about recording calls in Washington, Indiana, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.
CLICK HERE to learn more about recording phone calls!

Internet Payday Lenders vs Store Front Lenders

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Did you know that most Internet payday lenders aren’t even licensed to lend in most states?  It’s true! I’ll get back to the facts later in this article but first I want to address a few issues about payday loans, in general.

High cost payday lending is authorized by state laws or regulations in 35 states. Fifteen states and the District of Columbia protect their borrowers with reasonable small loan rate caps. The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that the Arkansas payday loan law was unconstitutional.  In recent years, Oregon, Ohio, New Hampshire and the District of Columbia have reimposed rate caps, however,  this didn’t stop them from charging outrageous interest rates! Store front lenders continued doing business by concealing their services  behind a loophole! The services they offer are the same but their businesses are now called, Credit Service Organizations! CSO’s are NOT regulated, they are only required to register with the secretary of state! Now that’s what I call a whopper of a loophole!

Many Internet payday loans are structured to automatically renew every payday, with the finance charge electronically withdrawn from the borrower’s bank account, another loophole! Finance charges are in the $25
(650% APR) to $30 (780% APR) per $100 borrowed range, with built in loan flipping in many contracts. When you obtain a payday loan on the Internet you are compromising your safety in so many ways!  Usually lenders are hard to locate, identify or contact. Some are licensed in their home states, while others hide behind anonymous domain registrations or are located outside the United States. Banks are involved in Internet payday loans through the Automated Clearing House System (ACH) used to electronically deliver loans to consumers’ bank accounts and to withdraw
payments. County Bank of Rehoboth Beach, DE, participates directly in Internet payday lending. Internet payday lenders bypass state usury laws and consumer protections by locating in lax regulatory states and making loans without complying with licensing requirements or state protections in the borrower’s home state. This has become more and more common!

I would never recommend a payday loan under ANY circumstances, BUT, if you have absolutely no other choice, please do not choose the Internet to obtain a loan. The safest way to obtain a loan is going to a store front lender who is a member of the CFSA Community Financial Services Association of America).