Free Advice At Debt CC

There are so many people facing debt issues these days with little or no hope where to turn for help. I want to share an online community with you which will provide you with free debt advice on debt consolidation, debt settlement, bill consolidation, debt consolidation loans, dealing with payday loans and collection agencies. You can even take advantage of a free debt counseling session. Debt Consolidation Care, also known as “The Internets first get-out-of-debt community” is comprised of people like you and me, who are experiencing the crunch of the recession and seeking ways to overcome and survive this recession. You can discuss your financial problems with community members who offer suggestions on how to manage and pay off debt.

DCC is a wealth of information geared toward people who are having financial difficulties. One of our goals are to educate the general public on their rights as consumers. It’s free to join and you can remain anonymous and become a part of
167,000 + growing community who are dedicated to helping people get out of debt.  If you or a loved one is experiencing debt issues I urge you to visit this site.

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4 Comments on “Free Advice At Debt CC”

  1. brandy Says:

    please help me. i have some people calling me sayin that i am being sued for a paydayn loan from october 2005. the lender was Quik It was all done electronically. It was deposited and automatically drafted out of my account. I have my bank statements and it shows where it was drafted out of my account, but the people calling me work for a lawyer and said that i have to get a paid in full letter from the company. The company is no longer in business. I live in Mississippi. The lender was out of Utah. Please help me!

    • shazzers Says:

      Brandy, are you aware that Internet payday lenders are prohibited in your state? It’s true, click the link below and click on your state to view your payday loans laws.

      Please don’t give out any information to anyone over the telephone, quikpayday loan is notorious for selling their customers information to other illegal online payday lenders, so this is probably what has happened to you. They are nothing more than Internet criminals and unfortunately stopping the phone calls are next to impossible, however, there is something you can do. First of all, please click the link below to learn how to deal with calls of this nature, second, report this to your employer, let them know that you are a victim of a scam and have no control over incoming calls, third, file a complaint against them with your state attorney general and the FTC.

      You might also want to consider filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (link below) since it originated from the Internet.

    • shazzers Says:

      I replied to your post, read my reply just above yours.

  2. brandy Says:

    thank you

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